Question: All of us know that natural disasters influence our life , but we influence the natural disasters? (time , place ,etc.)

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    At some places, we influence some processes, yes. We had a question on if we influence earthquakes here:

    What is your opinion about earthquakes? You think that the humans are involved in activity of the nature?

    But let’s think of other natural hazards like landslides, for example. Building roads and dams often influences the stability of mountain slopes. That means, we change the properties of slopes and create a hazard at a place where maybe everything was fine before. And now, a simple rainfall could trigger a landslide. Luckily, people who study landslides are really good in monitoring and reducing risk.

    If we think of the climate, we influence natural hazards on a longer time scale. We influenced the climate by strong pollution over decades and now experience a warming global climate. And from now on, this means we will have to face stronger storms, and more severe droughts.

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    Andi has already given you a great answer with lots of good examples.
    We have been modifying our climate through our activities and the main problem with climate change is the fact that extreme events are now more likely to happen, with different effects in different places.
    This is why we are now experiencing more floods, intense snowfall, stronger storms in some countries and droughts and warmer conditions in other areas.


  3. Hello emilianjon3!

    there isn’t much I can add to these good answers! We can definitely have an impact on some of our natural disasters like landslides and floods and climate changes. But other things we can’t change, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We have to be careful not to damage the world around us, but it is not always down to us when events do happen!