Question: What are the relationships between geysers and volcanoes ?

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  1. volcanoes and geysers are definitely linked together! The heat from magma under the volcanoes heats the water in the geysers and causes them to “erupt”.


  2. Hi!
    Both geysers and volcanoes originate from a strong source of underground heat, but as far as I know (but I’m not an expert!) they actually work quite differently.
    Geysers are often common in areas characterised by volcanic activity (such as Iceland or for example Yellowstone in the USA, because of all the magma present underneath). So if you have a large volcanic system, it is likely that you will also have a lot of geysers around.
    Volcanoes instead do not need to have geysers in the surroundings to erupt!

    I have seen a few volcanoes (also one active one), but I have never seen a geyser. I’m going to Iceland in June, so I am really looking forward to that!


  3. Hi ancagabriela016,

    They are part of the same process, when the Earth heats too much the water that is underneath us (like the one that we take from wells) it vaporizes and try to go out, this is a geyser. Do not mislead a real geyser, like the Iceland ones, with the Canary Island fake geysers, in which people put water into holes that are hot because of the volcanic activity and the the water vaporizes.