Question: How does an earthquake or a volcanic eruption affects marine animals ?

  1. Earthquakes don’t usually effect marine animals except that it might move the water they are in and cause a tsunami. Volcanoes can have a much bigger impact. Sometimes new volcanoes erupt in the ocean and produce whole new islands! During the eruption this would not be great for marine life, some might die from poisoning from gases in the water or be hit by rocks. But after the eruption there will be new areas for marine life to live and make new habitats.


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    An earthquake could affect marine life in case it generated a tsunami (a huge wave). Tsunamis can destroy coral reefs and a lot of other marine animals depend on them (just think of Nemo, for example!). They can also completely modify the sea floor and impact the small organisms that live at depth.
    I think that locally, a volcanic eruption could cause a change in the pH of the seawater and this can have important effects on both marine animals and again on coral reefs. I think it could also change the temperature, which could have significant impacts.
    Another effect of a volcanic eruption can be “ocean fertilisation”, which means that the nutrients (especially iron) contained in the volcanic ash can cause extensive marine algal blooms (in case you’re interested, I have been talking a bit more about algal blooms in this other answer:



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