Question: Hi. What do you think is the most interesting thing about your job?

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  1. Hi linas!

    Going outside on field trips is really one of the best parts of the job. It is really great to look at features you didn’t know before and to find hints and clues that show how the nature has formed. Even digging holes again and again to shelter your measurement device is fun, when you know what you can achieve with all your data. I really love it.

    But on the other hand, working in the office is not bad either! Because you have all these bits and pieces of data from the field. And in the office you analyze them and put them together and you can finally explain what happened in the past.

    All the best,


  2. There are loads of cool things about my job. But for me, the best part is talking to people like you and showing you why I love my subject! I like to meet new people and hear about what they find interesting at school / university and then talk to them about what they can do in the future and where they could go if they studied Geology or Geography!